Transaction costs and commissions


The commissions of any exchange transaction is 2,5%.

Internal transfer

The internal transfer to another account within PG is FREE.


There is no any extra fees for the replenishment of your balance with cryptocurrencies as well as for acceptance of wire transfers from your bank accounts in fiat currencies.
The deposit via credit cards or Paypal in either USD or Euros a charge of 3% is imposed. 
However, you can possibly pay the cost of the transaction, which depends on the type of currency, network load and other factors not related to our service.
Wire transfer of fiat currencies will also be imposed a transaction fee accordingly to your bank tariffs. 

Please make sure that your account is verified in order to deposit fiat and crypto currencies.


The withdrawal commission in the amount of €10.

Minimum withdrawal amount is $100 or €100

Cryptocurrency withdrawal commissions are shown below (in units of the corresponding currency):
BTC 0.0005
BCH 0.001
ETH 0.01
XRP 0.02